Summary of SASBE2012 (Part: 5)
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  聖保羅藝術博物館位於聖保羅市著名的金融大道,為巴西最重要的藝術博物館,其內主要收藏了大量的畫作及二次世界大戰後雕刻家的作品。先鋒旗手紀念碑為聖保羅的代表性建築之一,為了紀念一群自稱先鋒旗手(Bandeirantes)的探險者開拓巴西彊界的卓越貢獻而建。聖保羅中央公園是聖保羅市之肺,平日是市民休憩、運動的好去處,同時也充滿人文藝術氣息,因園內的建築大多出自國寶級建築師奧斯卡‧尼邁耶(Oscar Niemeyer)之手,更吸引了不少建築迷前來朝聖。富人教堂則是巴西富人生活的真實寫照,在這裡辦一場婚禮起碼得預約等上3 年,且最低消費為25,000里拉起跳。
  The Museu de Arte de São Paulo is located on the famous Avenida Paulista in São Paulo. As the most important art museum in Brazil, Museu de Arte de São Paulo has a large collection of paintings and works made by postwar sculptors. The Monumento as Bandeiras is one of the featured constructions in São Paulo.

  It was built to commemorate an explorer who called himself Bandeiras for his outstanding achievements in cultivating the Brazilian border. The Praça da República is the lung of São Paulo and the most frequently visited spot of locals for leisure and sports. It's a place for cultural experience. As most buildings in the park are designed by the national-treasure-grade architect Oscar Niemeyer, it also attracts many architectural lovers. The Wossa senhora do Brazil is an example of the life of Brazil rich people. It takes at least 3 years to book a wedding and the minimum charge is BRL25,000.


  On June 30, 2012, Secretary General Huang Chin-ying and Ms Chen took Flight KE62 of Korea Air to Los Angeles on transit to Taiwan. During the transit, Archilife overseas correspondence Ms Cheng I-ning met them at the LAX Airport. Besides sharing with Cheng first-hand information of the SASBE2012, Secretary General Huang Chin-ying told her the issues to be followed up. After saying goodbye to Ms Cheng, Secretary General Huang Chin-ying and Ms Chen took Flight BR1 of EVA Air and smoothly returned to Taiwan on July 2.
  This trip travelling from the Far East across the Pacific Ocean, the Equator and the Tropic of Capricorn to São Paulo in the southern hemisphere took 57 hours of flying and transit. Apart from successfully sharing Taiwan's theory on "Before Forever; After Tomorrow" and exploring the culture and customs of this nation famous for football, coffee and samba, we were able to have a close look at the Rio+20 Conference. In the future, we will continuously and systematically tell the world of our beliefs so as to start a new civilization for humankind.
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