Privacy Policy
Welcome to the website of Archilife Research Foundation (hereinafter called the Website). In an effort to ensure your security in using the services and information provided by the Website, we would like to introduce to you the Website's privacy and information security policies. Please carefully read the following articles, which are aimed at protecting your interests.

•Scope of policy
This policy applies to the use and protection of personal information collected when using the services offered by the Website. This policy is not applicable to websites of others that can be accessed via hyper links provided by the Website.

Other websites accessed by the hyper links on the Website are governed by their own specific privacy policies and the Website does not bear any joint liability. When you link to other websites, the protection of your personal information is based on the privacy policy of those specific websites.

•Collection and use of information
The Website will not collect any personal information when a user simply browses or downloads files on the Website.
The Website will log users' IP addresses, access times, and the frequency with which various information is accessed.
In order to provide you the best possible interactive services, you may be asked to provide personal information in order to use some services on the Website, such as the registration or subscription.
The Website will not sell or lease your personal information to other groups, individuals, or private entities, or exchange it with them, except under the following circumstances: (1) a law enforcement agency needs it for the purposes of a lawful investigation; or (2) a public authority needs the information for the purposes of an investigation or to carry out its duties.
For the purposes of internal administration, the Website will use information on the browsing and access activities of users to analyze the total volume of website traffic and network activity. This information is important to our efforts to improve service quality.
The Office of the President must be notified if a user intends to quote any information from any of the pages of the Website. In addition, the source of any information used must be cited.

•Information security
The computer servers hosting the Website are equipped with a firewall, anti-virus systems, and other necessary security measures. Strict protection measures have been introduced to safeguard the Website and users' personal information. Only authorized personnel are able to access your personal information.

Security measures have been taken to ensure that information provided on the various pages in the Website cannot be accessed or invaded by a third party during transmission.

•Use of cookies
The Website will read and write cookies in your browser under the following circumstances in order to provide services tailored to your needs:

Cookies are created when you register or log on to the Website and are overwritten when you log off.
Cookies are used to tabulate the number of visits and to analyze the browsing habits of users. The information collected is used for reference in helping operators of the Website to improve services.
If you are unwilling to accept cookies, you can set the level of security (located under Internet Options in your browser) to High and refuse acceptance of any cookies. This will, however, prevent certain functions of the Website from operating normally.

•Revisions to privacy policy
The Website's privacy policy is subject to revision at any time. Any revisions to the policy will be posted on the Website.

•Inquiries about privacy policy
You are welcome to contact us should you have any questions about the Website's privacy policy.

•Information security policy

The Website prohibits unauthorized persons from taking any action that would compromise the confidentiality, integrity, or usability of the Website. Violators will be dealt with according to the law.

The Website has put in place the following security measures to ensure secure and uninterrupted operation of the Website:

The Website has installed a firewall to limit access to designated ports, thereby preventing illegal intrusion. This prevents illegal use of the Website, and also protects the interests of users.
Measures have been taken to detect network messages and monitor network traffic, and to block any malicious activity.
Software is used to detect any Website vulnerabilities. It periodically scans the network system for vulnerabilities and takes appropriate measures to correct them.
Administrators will periodically stage a mock hacker attack on the system and test the procedures in place to restore the system in times of security incidents. These measures ensure uninterrupted operation of the Website.
Backup operations are carried out daily. All of the information on the Website is saved to a backup system.
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