Special Team Conferences

Archilife Living Special Team Conferences


The Archilife Living Special Team Conference was conducted in the first half of 2023, between January 6 and June 30, 2023. At this point, the research agenda had shifted from digital transformation and symbiosis to smart living...

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Participation in BitSummit 2023


BitSummit 2023 was held from July 14 to 16, 2023, at the Miyako Messe in Kyoto, attracting nearly 24,000 visitors and setting a new record for the event. Several Taiwanese teams also participate in this exhibition, with Team9's "word game" winning the PlayStation.....

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Sketch of Public Policy Communion, February 2024


Mr. Li Shu-an presented a speech on the The Prevention and Control of Air Pollution in Coal-fired Power Plants". Mr. Gao Chuan-chi, spoke on "The Life Story of the 12 Animal Signs in the Chinese Zodiac"...

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Sponsorship of Open Culture Foundation and MOPCON 2023


ARF has begun sponsoring large-scale open source forums in Taiwan since 2011 in the hope of contributing to knowledge sharing and talent cultivation in the industry through actual participation in related events. In the year 2023, we has supported COSCUP and SITCON Camp....

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Wormhole Bookish Assembly

Sheet of Wormhole Bookish Assembly, December 2023


A total of 24 book reports were presented in December 2023 bookish assembly, including Guava Anthropology, On to the Extent that the Mind of a Bodhisattva is Pure is His Buddha-land Purified...

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SB Series of International Conferences

Summary of SASBE2012


ARF presented the theory on"Before Forever; After Tomorrow" at the poster session at SASBE2012 to announce to the international society our views on climate change.

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