Conferences for “Research of Symbiosis”

Archilife Living Special Team Conferences


Based on climate change and the evolutionary trend of the COVID-19 pandemic for the first half of 2022, a construction strategy and action plan for the symbiotic community’s living pattern were developed. In the second half of 2022, The Archilife Living Special Team has concluded its discussion of the symbiotic community’s living pattern and operation mechanism.

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iiSBE Zoom Board Meeting


ARF Secretary General Huang Chin-ying, TSSBE Chairman Wang Wen-an, Secretary General Li Yen-yi, and member Hsiao Jui-lin specially attended the meeting, hoping that our international friends will see how Taiwan manages to actively promote sustainable buildings and the symbiotic environment...

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Sketch of Public Policy Communion, January 2024


Mr. Liu Ding-chyu presented a speech on the "Q-Day: The Information Security Challenge Presented by Quantum Computers". Mr. Hung Chi-tung, spoke on "Climate Change and Islanding Effect"...

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Sponsorship of the Architectural Institute of Taiwan


Under COVID-19 pandemic and the impact of climate change,the foundation expressed the deep concern over the Institute and donated $10,000 NTD.The foundation hoped that the Institute will help enhance the quality of symbiotic building environment.

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Wormhole Bookish Assembly

Sheet of Wormhole Bookish Assembly, December 2023


A total of 24 book reports were presented in December 2023 bookish assembly, including Guava Anthropology, On to the Extent that the Mind of a Bodhisattva is Pure is His Buddha-land Purified...

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SB Series of International Conferences

Summary of SASBE2012


ARF presented the theory on"Before Forever; After Tomorrow" at the poster session at SASBE2012 to announce to the international society our views on climate change.

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