Conferences for “Research of Symbiosis”

Archilife Living Special Team Conferences


Archilife Living Special Team periodically held special team conferences in 2020. The specific discussion results include: constructing various disaster pre-warning indicators and warning mechanism...

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BEYOND 2020 Video Conference


The BEYOND 2020 Conference held in Sweden in mid-June 2020 was postponed due to COVID-19. Through the sponsor’s replanning, online international conference was held from November 2~4, 2020.

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Sketch of Archilife Study Tour, April 2021


For the study tour of April 11, 2021, we were on a trip to learn about water and soil conservation in Guizikeng and the aesthetics of glass art. The knowledge about water and soil conservation and glass art were the focus of the tour...

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Sponsorship of Open Culture Foundation and MOPCON 2020


ARF has been cooperating with the OCF, continuously investing in the IT industry by jointly organizing sponsorships. This year, it has organized sponsorship for COSCUP, SITCON and g0v Summit. In addition, it has also continuing its sponsorships in southern Taiwan, hosting MOPCON annually.

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Wormhole Bookish Assembly

Sheet of Wormhole Bookish Assembly, October 2021


A total of 24 book reports were presented in October 2021 bookish assembly, including The Meme Machine, How Propaganda Works...

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SB Series of International Conferences

Summary of SASBE2012


ARF presented the theory on"Before Forever; After Tomorrow" at the poster session at SASBE2012 to announce to the international society our views on climate change.

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