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  The year 2002 was really important to Archilife. As technologies and ideas proposed by advanced Western countries were unable to provide subtropical countries with effective solutions for overcoming challenges on the space for survival, after 24 years of hard work, Archilife, from a subtropical country, finally had the opportunity to present to the world special issues concerning subtropical countries, and to share with the world the research results and ideas that have been accumulated over time. In addition to letting the world face the existence and importance of Taiwan, we opened the door of internationalization because we wished to provide subtropical countries with a penetrating living model through our research experience to cope with the crises of survival that came one after another.

Resized Image  為了讓其他祐生成員在人文的體驗之餘,也有機會見識高水準之國際會議,繼1995年北歐、1996年紐澳、1997年日本、1998年中南歐、1999年美加、2000年東南亞及 2001年中南美等七趟人文見識之旅後,本會特別將其合併,由黃晉英秘書長擔任團長,團員包括 :22位委託研究案主持人、5位委託研究案助理、4位歷屆得獎主、10位知識學科執守者及團長助理等共43位,前往遙遠的北國:挪威奧斯陸參加 2002年永續建築國際會議相關活動。本次同行的尚有內政部建研所蕭江碧所長與陳瑞鈴組長。
  In addition to cultural explorations, in order to give other ARF members the opportunity to see what an international congress was like, after the seven cultural discovery trips, including Scandinavia in 1995, New Zealand and Australia in 1996, Japan in 1997,Central and Southern Europe in 1998, the USA and Canada in 1999, Southeast Asia in 2000, and Central and Southern America in 2001, we specially combined them together to form a delegation under the direction of Secretary General Huang Chin-ying. There were totally 43 delegates, including the 22 research project principal investigators, 5 research assistants, 4 ARF scholars, 10 knowledge keepers, and one assistant to the leader. This delegation was formed for participating in the SB2002 Oslo, Norway, a country in the yonder north. Director Hsiao Chiang-pi and Section Chief Chen Jui-ling of the Architecture and Building Research Institute (ABRI), Ministry of Interiors, were with us.

Resized Image  2002年9月20日下午,考察團團員按原訂計畫於祐生蟲洞及桃園中正機場第一航站泰航櫃台等集合,林俊興董事長以及長期關心祐生成長的台北西區扶輪社張耀琨前社長、陳天寶社友也特地前來機場送行,為考察團員加油打氣。林董事長特別提示團員在會議中積極地與環熱帶圈國家的與會人員接觸,邀請他們參加祐生此次的演講場次。團長也體貼地發放每位團員增加免疫力的健康食品,協助大家適應溫帶的氣候,以面對此次意義重大的行程。最後,在林俊興董事長的聲聲叮嚀下,黃晉英秘書長帶領團員一一地與林俊興董事長握手話別,依序通關登機,踏上前往挪威奧斯陸參加「2002年永續建築國際會議」的旅程。
  In the afternoon on September 20, 2002, delegates met one another at the ARF Wormhole and Thai Airways counter, Terminal 1, Taoyuan International Airport, as planned. President Lin Chun-shin, PP Chang Yao-kuen and Rotarian Chen Tien-bao from Taipei West Rotary Club who have expressed concern for the ARF over time also came to the airport to see the delegation off and cheer them up. President Lin reminded delegates to make aggressive contacts with participants from subtropical countries and invite them to the speeches we delivered. The team leader also distributed healthy food to delegates that enhanced immunity to help them adapt to the climate in the temperate zone in order to face such a significant trip. Lastly, with the reminding sound of President Lin Chun-shin, Secretary General Huang Chin-ying and delegates bade farewell to President Lin Chun-shin and passed through the immigration for the trip to SB2002 Oslo in Norway.
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