Archilife Research Foundation Convention 2022
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  The Archilife Research Foundation Convention 2022 was held at the Taipei W Hotel Mega Room (8F) on December 3, 2022. After the guests successively signed up, they engaged in exchanges and interactions with a warm atmosphere during the communion time before the meeting. Secretary General Huang Chin-ying, the host, announced the opening of the meeting, officially marking the beginning of the activity on the day. After the guests’ introductions, leading singing and birthday celebrations, Secretary General Huang Chin-ying introduced the new knowledge keepers, including living art keeper Ms. Chiang Tai-jung, Buddhism keeper Ms. Liu Ching-hsun, computer science keeper Ms. Wang Pin-yuan, other religion keeper Mr. Lin Yu-lin, and bibliography keeper Ms. Hsu Hsiang-mei. Gifts were also presented to the new knowledge keeper referrers: Islam keeper Mr. Chang Chih-chun and digital media keeper Yang Yun-chen as a token of appreciation.

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  Secretary General Huang Chin-ying addressed that the human attitude toward life has completely changed in the three years since the spread of COVID-19. People began to reconsider unnecessary practices in their daily lives in order to simplify their lives. Agencies and units, on the other hand, have eliminated inefficient systems and become more efficient. The pandemic has altered people, matters and things over the past three years. Hope everyone consider the future course of action. Furthermore, the election was completed last week, which pleased some and disappointed others. This year's trend is "to start thinking about change." The election deviated from tradition by participating in the digital war on the Internet, demonstrating the rise of the younger generation, whose influence cannot be underestimated. As a result, Archilife's decision-making incorporates the perspectives of future generations, seeking innovation and change and enabling it to meet future challenges.

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