Sheet of Wormhole Bookish Assembly, February 2019
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2月12日 林庭蔚 Genomics: A Very Short Introduction
      房佑璟 檢察新論第24期
2月14日 陳雅惠 醫道還真
      李讃虔 地球上最重要的化學反應:光合作用
2月19日 韓翔中 米開朗基羅「最後的審判」
      莊金鳳 修身與齊家
2月21日 劉定衢 認識密碼學的第一本書
      李峙皞 英國工人教育協會與牛津唯心論運動的推展,1909-1949
2月23日 潘育文 伽利略
      沈哲緒 經濟學的40堂公開課
2月26日 王歆伃 薄伽梵歌
      鍾明靜 都市木造的未來
  A total of 12 book reports were presented in this month's bookish assembly hosted by Secretary General Huang Chin-ying and commented by President Lin Chun-shin. Details are as follows:

February 12
Lin Ting-wei:Genomics: A Very Short Introduction
Fang You-ching:Taiwan Prosecutor Review (Issue No.24)
February 14
Chen Ya-hui:Returning to the Common Roots in Medicine and Taoism
Lee Tzan-chain:The Most Important Chemical Reaction on Earth: Photosynthesis
February 19
Han Shying-jung:Michelangelo's "Last Judgment"
Chuang Chin-feng:Self-improvement & Family Management
February 21
Liu Ding-chyu:Your First Book on Cryptography
Lee Chih-hao:The Workers’ Educational Association and the Pursuit of Oxford Idealism, 1909-1949
February 23
Pan Yu-wen:Galileo
Shen Che-hsu:A Little History of Economics
February 26
Wang Hsin-yu:Bhagavad Gita
Jhong Ming-jing:Timberize TAIWAN
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