Launch of Wormhole Bookish Assembly 2.0
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  It has been 20 years since the launch of wormhole bookish assembly on July, 12, 1999. Led by the determined spirit of President Lin Chun-shin and Secretary General Huang Chin-ying, members have continuously challenged themselves and exchanged knowledge with each other. All members recruited are experts in their respective fields. Book reports are primarily delivered by knowledge keepers and secondarily by our scholars of master degree. Knowledge keepers have undergone yearly evaluation and regular selection process in order to maintain the stability and evenness of the book reporting. Over the years, members have not only steadily accumulated massive amount of knowledge, but also widely absorbed knowledge from other disciplines, building the ability to integrate multidisciplinary knowledge, and took the leap from being a single-discipline expert to becoming an interdisciplinary expert. Besides encouraging members to widely acquire knowledge of other disciplines and quickly achieve integration of multidisciplinary knowledge, the wormhole bookish assembly began its transformation starting September 10, 2019, in order to promote the positive benefits of knowledge accumulation by the group with integrated multidisciplinary knowledge.
  On September 10, 2019, the wormhole bookish assembly was officially upgraded to version 2.0 by announcement of Secretary General Huang Chin-ying. The objective is to progress from single-disciplinary intelligence to multidisciplinary intelligence to collective intelligence. During the commentary session, participants will share their thoughts on respective report contents or book topics for 1.5 minutes. It is hoped that the time limit will encourage participants to be more concise in their opinions and thoughts when expressing themselves verbally. This will improve their ability to organize complex issues, and be able to quickly argue their points convincingly when participating in important meetings in the future.
  Furthermore, the sessions are designed to give each participant the opportunity to obtain an in-depth understanding of other people’s perspectives. Over time, it will enable the effective prediction of the trends of collective intelligence, and allow for advanced planning and preparation. Passing the torch to a new generation, Secretary General Huang Chin-ying has appointed Ms Lin Ying-chen, who is also the leader of the Institute Team, to be the host of wormhole bookish assembly. It is hoped that the infusion of active and committed new blood will ignite brighter sparks of knowledge, and open new horizons and introduce different ways of thinking for participants.
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