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  In considering the upcoming trend of the violent impact posed by future climate change as well as strengthening the ability of the Archilife Living Research Center in responding to various kinds of extreme events caused by extreme heat waves, since January 2018 the Archilife Living Special Team of the Foundation has convened special team conferences on a weekly basis within the six-month term to discuss relevant issues. Archilife Living Special Team instructed by Professor Su Ching-hua consists of the Team Leader Ms. Cheng Wei-ning as well as members including Ms. Tang Shu-chen, Mr. Chung Cheng-hsin, Mr. Tsai Kun-hsien, Mr. Luo Yang-ching, Mr. Gao Chuan-chi, Mr. Day Yeong-tyi, Mr. Lin De-en, Mr. Wang Wen-an, Mr. Liu Ding-chyu, and Mr. Chen Tai-an. The outcomes of the research resulting from each stage are described below:

Resized Image  自107年1月12日起至6月29日止,召開107年上半年特組會議。在二十二次的會議中,分別研擬完成:糧食供應方案研究架構,內容包括生活需求分析、糧食供應規劃等。避難進駐行動方案研究架構,內容包括避難情境模擬等。建物與生活設施安全檢測及維護方案研究架構,內容包括建物設施檢測與維護等。資通網路與設備建置方案研究架構,內容包括資通訊設備需求評估等。
  From January 12 until June 29, 2018, the Special Team Conferences for the first half of 2018 were convened, the issues discussed and formulated in the 22 conferences include the research framework of the food supply program that includes the analysis of livelihood demands and the planning of food supply and the research framework of an evacuation placement action program includes the simulation of an evacuation situation, the research framework of safety inspection, testing and maintenance over constructions and livelihood facilities that include the testing and maintenance of constructions and facilities, and the research framework of information network and equipment installation include the assessment of information equipment demands.

Resized Image  自107年7月6日起至11月16日止,召開107年上半年特組會議。在十八次的會議中,分別研擬完成:抗熱與防災因應計畫研究架構,內容包括氣候異變對台灣、台北、福隆地區的影響等。衛生與健康促進方案研究架構,內容包括祐生生活研究中心衛生、醫療、健康因應策略等。水資源管理因應對策與方案研究架構,內容包括氣候異變對水資源的影響等。
  From July 6 until November 16, 2018, the Special Team Conferences for the second half of 2018 were convened, and the issues discussed and planned in the 18 conferences contain the research framework of the heat and disaster prevention response plan that includes the impact caused by climate change to Taiwan, Taipei and Fulong area, the research framework of promoting hygiene and health that covers the response strategy of Archilife Living Research Center to hygiene, medication and the factors of health. The research framework of the response strategy of the water resources management that reflects the impact caused by climate change to the water resources.

Resized Image  本會期望生活特組於研擬完成各項議題的研究架構後,能持續規劃並落實具體行動方案,提升祐生生活研究中心做為避難基地或第二辦公室的條件,進而成為台灣研擬因應氣候異變策略的重要參考。
  We hopes that the continuous follow-ups of formulated and practical action plans will be fulfilled after the completion of the research frameworks that relate issues in all aspects and the elevation of the Archilife Living Research Center to become an evacuation base or a qualified 2nd office, thus to make it become an important reference unit that proposes response plans of climate change strategies in Taiwan.
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