Archilife Online Exhibition 2015
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(一) 林得恩 《綠島之淚》
(二) 楊正帆 《不遵循肘關節可怕三連鎖處理流程的結果》
(三) 李讚虔 《2015祐生線上博覽會》
(四) 劉定衢 《SB國際會議參與經驗分享(2000~2014)》
(五) 孫菊君 《樹枝筆之咖啡館速寫》
(六) 張輝誠 《祐生二十年,讓我有能力改變全台灣》
(七) 蔡坤憲 《公衛與共生的體驗和實踐 》
(八) 吳元宏 《專業成長孕育生命的一年》
(九) 林彣鴻 《我的2014業餘築夢生活》
(十) 葉娟礽 《以音樂跨越國界藩籬》
(十一) 李書安 《防毒面具濾毒罐破出測試裝置的建置》
(十二) 薛仲翔 《BLACKHAT》
(十三) 丘懿琳 《E-Lin 2014精彩回顧 》

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  This year's exhibition marks the 17th year since the first Archilife Exhibition in 1998. Past years' exhibitions had seen a myriad of exhibits that fully demonstrated ARF members' diverse and extensive creativity and capability. Since 2014, to achieve further digitalization, and to showcase members' realization of ARF motto "Benefit Life"in their professional field and personal work, the Archilife Exhibition had taken on an online form. Members were invited to submit their own "one-minute video clip" to share their experience and active endeavor in the past year. The following is the list of winners in the online exhibition:
(1)Lin De-en
  《Tears of Green Island》
(2)Yang Cheng-fan
  《The Results of Not Following Protocol of Terrible Triad》
(3)Lee Tzan-chain
  《Archilife Online Exhibition 2015》
(4)Liu Ding-chyu
  《Experience of Participation in Sustainable Building
   Conference (2000~2014)》
(5)Sun Chu-chun
  《Cafe Sketching with Tree Branch Brushes》
(6)Chang Huei-cheng
  《20 Years in ARF Gives Me the Ability to Change Taiwan》
(7)Tsai Kun-hsien
  《Experience and Realization of Public Health and Symbiosis》
(8)Wu Yuan-hung
  《A Year of Professional Development & Nurturing Life》
(9)Lin Wen-hung
  《My Part-time Life of Chasing Dreams 2014》
(10)Yeh Jiuan-reng
  《Transcending National Borders through Music》
(11)Lee Shu-an
  《Construction of Breakthrough Testing Equipment for
   Gas Mask Canisters》
(12)Hsueh Chung-hsiang
(13)Chiu Yi-lin
  《E-Lin - A Look Back at Key Moments of 2014》
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