Participation in Tokyo Game Show 2016
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Tokyo Game Show 2016 參訪

Resized Image  東京電玩展Tokyo Game Show為亞洲區歷史最悠久的國際遊戲展會,亦是每年度日本與歐美各大產業龍頭發表新產品、遊戲與最新技術的舞台。2016年的TGS為該展20週年,隨著近年來消費者習慣變化、新型態裝置出現與獨立遊戲作品的興起等等因素,東京電玩展亦有許多指標性的改變,反映出新的趨勢與機會。
  Tokyo Game Show(TGS)is the longest running international game exhibition in Asia, and the stage where major industry players in Japan, Europe and the United States debut their new products, games and new technologies. TGS marked its 20th anniversary in 2016. In the wake of changes in consumer habits, emergence of new devices and rise of independent games, there are also many indicative changes at TGS, reflecting new trends and opportunities.
  為了突破遊戲的既有框架,TGS自2008年起舉辦Sense Of Wonder Night發表活動,鼓勵具高實驗性與創新性之遊戲作品,亦自2013年起開辦TGS Indie Corner獨立遊戲展示區,廣收來自世界各地的優秀獨立團隊作品,過去數年來亦有多款台灣作品獲選Sense of Wonder Night發表,台灣團隊在Indie Corner所占展出比例亦相對可觀。東京電玩展今年度亦特別規畫了「娛樂的未來」展示,讓人一窺許多尚未離開學術圈,但已能體會潛力的研究類作品或設備。透過重點參訪,一方面了解到目前亞洲地區獨立遊戲開發的面貌、台灣與海外開發者的交流狀況,以及各種最新技術與應用的展示,另一方面也將相關資訊帶回給國內社群,進行資訊分享,以期能對本土的遊戲開發者提供更多不同的觀點。
  In the effort to break the bounds of the existing frame for game, TGS began holding "Sense of Wonder Night" since 2008 to encourage highly experimental and innovative game works. It has also started the "TGS Indie Corner" since 2013, accepting outstanding works from independent teams all over the world. In the last few years, many Taiwan entries have been selected for showcase at the "Sense of Wonder Night", and teams from Taiwan also make up a substantial part of the "Indie Corner". A special exhibition at TGS this year was "The Future of Entertainment". It provides a glimpse into many works or equipment currently in research but hold great potential. By visiting key events, we are able to understand the development of independent games in Asia currently, the interaction between Taiwan and international developers, and demonstration of various new technologies and applications. Furthermore, the information brought back to communities in Taiwan for sharing is expected to provide local game developers with more diverse perspectives.
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