Archilife Research Foundation Convention 2019
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  The Archilife Research Foundation Convention 2019 was held at the Ballroom, 3F, The Okura Prestige Taipei on February 16, 2019. After the guests checked in one by one, they took the chance to interact with each other in a friendly atmosphere during the pre-conference time. Immediately after, the host, Secretary General Huang Chin-ying, announced the meeting and officially unveiled the event. After a series of relaxing and fun activities, Secretary General Huang Chin-ying said that climate change has affected the world greatly, the global situation is turbulent, and the results of natural disasters and man-made disasters have made our living environment more dangerous. Therefore, this year we should be more cautious and conservative. Before you act, you can stop, listen, and observe so you can make the correct judgment. Archilife has been established for 40 years. As time goes by, members of Archilife have gradually matured in various fields. I hope that with help from all of you, we can make the nation and society better with the power of knowledge. Archilife Headquarter is expected to be launched this year. Archilife will continue to gather research energy in brand-new fields, and lead mankind to the future of a new symbiotic & digital civilization.Then, Mr. Su Ching-hua, the guiding professor, delivered a speech, saying that the mechanism of the selection for Archilife is rigorous and a chance that is given should be cherished. Members of Archilife interacted with each other in their fields of expertise to unite each other's strengths and enable them to face the changes the future holds. Afterward, Mr. Su Ching-hua and members of Archilife proposed a toast to bless Convention for a complete success.
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