Archilife Online Exhibition 2022
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(一) 卓于綉 《學習不中斷》
(二) 陳韋成 《為了我的科技人生繼續努力》
(三) 張子潔 《2021的藝術之旅》
(四) 張芷瑄 《炭筆素描》
(五) 孫菊君 《那些寫書的日子—點亮藝術力》
(六) 李書安 《如何當一個優良導師》
(七) 張培臣 《事業第二春 第一個四季》
(八) 游秀雲 《高等教育之路—研究與創作指導》
(九) 劉迦蜜 《2021迦蜜成長篇—學習服裝設計之路》
(十) 王政喻 《生活好難》

  Since its inception in 1998, the Archilife Exhibition has featured academic papers, calligraphy and paintings, musical performances, photography and other works. To further align with digitization, the Archilife Exhibition has been transformed to an online format since 2014, with Archilife members submitting "one-minute self-produced videos" to reflect their practice of "protecting life" in their field of work or personal creations. Archilife members' participation in the Archilife Online Exhibition has become even more actively this year, with a total of 19 entries submitted and 10 outstanding pieces selected based on the extent to which they echo Archilife's views. A presentation of all entries and a screening of the winning films were scheduled for December 3, 2022 at the "Archilife Research Foundation Convention 2022" in W Taipei. At the end of the screening, the winners and their productions were called out by Mr. Tseng Chien-ming and presented with an exquisite gift by Secretary General Huang Chin-ying as a token of encouragement. Secretary General Huang Chin-ying is looking forward to an even better performance from Archilife members at the Archilife Online Exhibition in the future. The outstanding works selected for the 2022 event listed below:
(1)Cho Yu-hsiu
  《Uninterrupted Learning》
(2)Chen Wei-cheng
  《Soldiering On For My Tech Life》
(3)Chang Tzu-chieh
  《Journey of Art in 2021》
(4)Chang Chih-hsuan
  《Charcoal Sketching》
(5)Sun Chu-chun
  《Days of Book Writing –
   Kindling Power of the Arts》
(6)Li Shu-an
  《Becoming a Good Mentor》
(7)Chang Pei-chen
  《Encore Career – First Four Seasons》
(8)Yu Hsiu-yun
  《The Path of Tertiary Education –
   Guidance for Research & Creation》
(9)Liu Chia-mi
  《My Growth Journey 2021 –
   Learning Fashion Design》
(10)Wang Jheng-yu
  《Life is Tough》
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