Sponsorship of game developer communities in Taiwan
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Resized Image  本會自2011年起陸續贊助國內獨立遊戲開發者,前往海外參與各項獨立遊戲作品相關競賽,讓開發者在差旅費用有一定程度減輕的情況下,鼓勵他們前往海外交流,關注目前全球遊戲媒材的變化、創新趨勢。本年度贊助包括光穹遊戲、日頭遊戲、赤燭遊戲前往中國上海參與IndiePlay競賽入圍發表,並贊助SIGONO前往IndiePlay,以及東京電玩展Sense of Wonder Night進行入圍及獲獎發表。
  Since 2011, the ARF has been successively sponsoring Taiwan independent game developers in their participation in independent game related competitions overseas. By lightening the burden of travel expenses for these developers, the aim is to encourage them to go overseas for exchange and interaction, and keep up with changes and trends in game media worldwide. This year, the ARF has sponsored 18Light, Sunhead Games and Red Candle Games in their trip to Shanghai to participate in IndiePlay finalist announcement presentation, and SIGONO's trip to IndiePlay, and to the finalist announcement and award presentation at TGS Sense of Wonder Night.
  To encourage open sharing and talent nurturing, the ARF has sponsored the Taipei Game Developers Forum in the same way it has supported open source forums. Among all the game developer conferences held in Taiwan in recent years, the Taipei Game Developers Forum stands out by being an event that is fully funded by private communities. Held for the fifth year in 2016, it had an attendance of close to a thousand, and provided an independent game display area for developers to interact with peers and users. It included game development related design, art, programming, music/sound effect and project management, community building, commerce and future trend observation. It is hoped that participation in the event will allow developers to interact more actively, share their experience and take their games internationally.
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