Sponsorship of g0v Summit 2016
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零時政府2016高峰會(g0v Summit 2016)贊助案

Resized Image  g0v.tw 作為一個推動資訊透明化的線上社群,從 2012 年底開始成形,致力於開發公民參與社會的資訊平台和工具,將 gov 以「零」替代成為 g0v,期許數位原生世代自 0 與 1 世界的視野,從零重新思考政府扮演的角色。2014 年底台灣歷經了大型公民運動的洗禮,g0v.tw社群首度舉辦零時政府高峰會(g0v Summit),進行開放社群、政府、非政府組織、學術界、資訊技術領域的多方交流,成果全部以開源軟體的模式釋出,希望能透過資訊的透明化,來幫助公民更確實了解政府的運作情形、討論及分析公共議題,進而有效地監督政府組織,深化民主之行動。
  Formed at the end of 2012, g0v.tw is an online community that advocates transparency of information. It focuses on developing an information platform and tool for civic participation. Substituting the "o" with "0" in gov,the new "g0v" hopes that the generation of digital natives who sees the world in zeros and ones will start rethinking the role of the government from point zero. At the end of 2014, Taiwan experienced an awakening through a large-scale civic movement and g0v.tw held the g0v Summit for the first time to open up multilateral exchange between open communities, government and non-government organizations, academia and IT industry, and provide the results of collaboration as based on the way of open source. It is hoped that information transparency will help citizens better understand government operations, discuss and analyze public issues, thus achieving effective monitoring of the government and deepening the democracy movement.
Resized Image  2016年的零時政府高峰會於5月14至15日在中央研究院人文社會科學館舉行,議題以科技促進民主與參與效能的經驗分享為主軸,內容包含:公民科技中的公民精神落實、歐洲的新興政治實際例子、各國公民團體轉化政府開放資料的步驟、資訊科技監測環境災害之應用、開放式數位圖書館及人文藝術資料庫的建置,以及開放政府的理念、法規、技術與各類促進公民參與的實務成果交流。
  The g0v Summit 2016 was held at the Academia Sinica's Building of Humanities and Social Sciences from May 14 to 15. Topics discussed mainly revolved around sharing experiences on how technology promotes democracy and effectiveness of participation, including how to practice the Civics of Civic Tech, emerging political movements in Europe, steps taken by civic groups in various countries to open government information, applications of information technology to monitor environmental hazards, building open digital libraries and arts databases, and the open government's ideology, laws and regulations, and technology, and the actual results of efforts to promote civic participation.
Resized Image  祐生研究基金會以提供方案解決人類生存空間之問題為宗旨,長年致力於知識整合、人才培養,關注領域自最初的建築與居住空間,擴展到環境永續以及人類因應未來生活相關課題。資訊科技與網路的發展為人類精神創發帶來新趨勢,希望透過本年度首次的新台幣拾萬元贊助,參與像 g0v 這樣整合資訊技術、匯聚多元領域人才,推動開放文化、公民參與,進而能改善社會的平台,讓未來的人類社會能邁入更有效率的運作環境。
  Aiming to provide solutions for human existential space, Archilife Research Foundation has continuously dedicated to integrate knowledge and nurture talents, with focus on architecture and living space initially, which now extend to environmental sustainability and issues concerning the way of living for humanity in the future. Development in information technology and the Internet has brought new directions for human innovation and invention. It is hoped that through this year's first NT$100,000 sponsorship of g0v.tw ? a platform that integrates information technology, brings together talents from diverse fields, promotes the open culture and civic participation, and thus improves the society, the human society can look forward to a more efficient operating environment in the future.
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