Sketch of Public Policy Communion, November 2015
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  The November Archilife Public Policy Communion of 2015 was held on November 15, 2015. After a series of relaxing and fun activities, Secretary General Huang Chin-ying made the following announcement, "The recent terrorist attacks in France revealed that the "war" of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse has emerged from the signs of climate change and are causing turbulence worldwide. A study done in England published recently announced an increase of 1 degree Celsius worldwide. The Archilife NT Team has also analyzed how temperature change caused the rise and collapse of civilizations in the East and West from history and geography. Archilife members attending this meeting today are elites of society. Your businesses or ventures will achieve sustainability if you keep altruism and public welfare in mind. Finally, as electronic manufacturing begins to decline, I hope that unique and innovative industries will rise in Taiwan in the future. I believe that Taiwan is moving toward the right direction. Let's work together for a better future."

  Next on the schedule was the keynote speech. First, Mr. Lin Chin-yuan gave a speech on "Eco-Farm Management from the Perspective of Sustainability". The speaker began his speech from sharing the background and motives of his participation in developing an eco-farm in Saint Christopher and Nevis, analyzed the status of the farm and proposed recommendations for improvement. The speaker pointed out that achieving sustainability is not about migrating a civilized society to another location; it is, in fact, about improving the present place into a more ideal environment through integrating the local resources, to achieve the goal of sustainable development. The speaker suggested that a farm can develop experience-based products, such as eco-recreation, food and agriculture education, with an emphasis on ecology, production and living, as well as adding the concepts of livelihood and life with integrated aesthetics to increase the added-values of the products.

  Next, Mr. Lin Yu-yi gave a speech on "Strategies for Revitalizing Farmland-with an example of Changhua Farm". The speaker began his speech from sharing his story of how he came to be the director of Changhua Farm and introducing the organization and development of the farm. Following which, he introduced the mission and goals of this organization, including taking care of the veterans and their families and promoting recreational agriculture, as well as developing production and marketing of agricultural products. He explained the positioning of the farm through SWOT analysis. He pointed out that the farm installed solar power facilities in the idle structures and land once housed the pigs and ducks, revitalized the abandoned farmhouses, brought in private investments and helped veterans and their families to gain employment. He hoped that Changhua Farm will be a model for maximum use of human, land and other resources to create infinite possibilities for local communities.

  After the speech, Secretary General Huang Chin-ying presented a gift to the speakers on behalf of the foundation. Then, attendees expressed and exchanged their opinions and views during the piggy hour. The November Archilife Public Policy Communion ended smoothly.
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