Summary of SB07 Taipei International Conference(1)
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SB07 Taipei國際會議紀要(1)

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  為積極參與國際事務並推廣祐生共生化研究等相關理念,祐生特地於2007年6月2日輔導成立台灣永續建築環境促進會(Taiwan Society of Sustainable Built Environment,TSSBE),並積極協辦由該會主辦之2007年11月9日至11日SB07 Taipei國際會議。此會議為SB07 全球13國分區舉辦之系列會議,主要目的是希望將地區性的議題透過會議更有系統地發散,提供國際間相關領域參考以及互相學習的平台,而其會議成果亦會在2008年9月21至25日舉辦之SB08Melbourne大會展現。為了使會議舉辦盡善盡美,本次會議也邀請內政部營建署及建研所擔任指導單位;並力邀祐生以外之中華民國建築協會、中華民國真菌學會、中國民國都市設計學會等協辦單位一同共襄盛舉。
  The Taiwan Society of Sustainable Built Environment (TSSBE) was established on June 2, 2007 under the guidance of the Archilife Research Foundation (ARF). In order to vigorously participate in international affairs and promote the Research of Symbiosis, ARF helped TSSBE to organize the SB07 Taipei International Conference (SB07 Taipei) held during November 9-11, 2007. The SB07 was a conference series held in thirteen countries around the world to spread regional issues through the conference more systemically, and to provide the world with a reference and mutual leaning platform of relevant areas. The achievements of the conference would be displayed at the SB08Melbourne International Conference held on 21-25 September, 2008. ARF invited the Construction and Planning Agency, Ministry of the Interior (CPA) and Architecture and Building Research Institute, Ministry of the Interior (ABRI) to be the advisor, and the Architectural Institute of the ROC (AIROC), Mycological Society of Republic of China (MSROC) and Chinese Institute of Urban Design (CIUD) as the co-host.

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  經過將近一年的縝密規劃與籌備,SB07 Taipei國際會議如期於2007年11月8日下午6點30分揭開序幕。為了歡迎遠道而來的國際貴賓以及增進參與者彼此間的認識,大會特別精心安排歡迎酒會來暖場。大會主席,同時也是本會黃晉英秘書長首先親切地為所有與會者介紹本次參與的來賓,包括:擔任SB08Melbourne 聯席主席的Dr. Greg Foliente以及他首次訪台的夫人、日本來的Prof. Kazuo Iwamura。林俊興董事長在此也即興發表了氣候如何影響環境及人體健康的小故事演說,期望所有嘉賓在往後兩天的會議中,除了能享受大會精心為嘉賓所策劃之活動外,更能由己身經驗出發正視回應氣候異變所帶來的挑戰。稍後在黃晉英秘書長熱情地介紹下,與會嘉賓彼此間也熱絡了起來,就在此時因班機抵台時間較晚,從加拿大遠道而來的Mr. Nils Larsson終於抵達會場,為了回應眾人的等待,他特別高歌一曲博取全場熱烈掌聲,而有著職業級聲樂水準的Prof. Kazuo Iwamura更是隨著音樂節奏與Mr. Nils Larsson忘情地唱和起來。熱絡的歡迎酒會就在眾人的參與下,為次日的SB07 Taipei國際會議的正式議程奠定了良好的交流基礎。
  After nearly one year of meticulous planning and preparation, SB07 Taipei opened as scheduled at 6:30 pm, November 8, 2007. The organizer specially arranged a welcome party to welcome worldwide guests to let them meet and understand one another. SB07 Taipei Chair Huang Chin-ying, also the ARF secretary general, sincerely introduced the honorable guests of the SB07 Taipei to all attendees. These guests included SB08Melbourne Co-chair Dr. Greg Foliente and his wife who visited Taiwan for the first time, and Professor Kazuo Iwamura from Japan. ARF President Lin Chun-shin told a story on how climate affected the environment and human health in order to let all guests enjoy activities carefully planned by the organizer and view positively the challenges that brought by climate change from their personal experience at the event held two days after. Later on, with the introduction made by Secretary General Huang Chin-ying, guests began to know one another better. At the same time, Mr. Nils Larsson from Canada finally arrived as his plane for Taiwan was delayed. He sang for everybody, in response for everyone's waiting for him, and received a big applause in return. Professor Kazuo Iwamura, with the professional level voice, sang along with Mr. Larsson to the passionate musical rhythm. With the total participation of all guests, the welcome party established a good foundation for the exchange at the SB07 Taipei held the day after.

Resized Image  2007年11月9日上午九時,SB07 Taipei國際會議在本會黃晉英秘書長(現任台灣永續建築環境促進會理事長)的主持下,於台北君悅大飯店凱悅廳舉行開幕式,黃晉英秘書長於致辭中首先表達了對與會者的誠摯謝意,並說明本次會議以GB + Symbiosis = SB 為主題,亦為台灣永續建築環境促進會成立以來,第一次舉辦的國際性會議;對於台灣而言,是相當重要的躍升,像台灣這樣的海島型國家,唯有國際化才能夠使得國際社會正視台灣存在的價值與重要性。希望能夠透過本次會議的研討形塑出具有地方特色且能夠突顯出亞熱帶地區特質的永續建築。緊接著,由司儀歡迎Mr. Nils Larsson、Prof. Kazuo Iwamura、Dr. Greg Foliente、內政部建築研究所何明錦所長、內政部營建署代表蕭惠娟小姐為大會致辭,貴賓們皆期盼大會舉辦過程圓滿順利,以及透過此次會議,在永續建築議題上有更多的交流。在司儀說明會議場次安排與相關注意事項後,第一全會的專題演講也接著展開。
  At 9:00 am, November 9, 2007, the SB07 Taipei presided over by Secretary General Huang Chin-ying, also president of the TSSBE, was opened officially at the Grand Ballroom of Grand Hyatt Taipei. In the opening address, Secretary General Huang Chin-ying expressed her gratitude to all guests and announced that GB + Symbiosis = SB is the theme of the SB07 Taipei. She added that the SB07 Taipei was the first international conference that the TSSBE organized since it was established. It was a big leap to Taiwan because it was the only way for the international society to pay attention to value the importance of such an island country. She hoped that the discussions at the SB07 Taipei could shape the sustainable building (SB) that could carry and mark out the characteristics of its locale and the subtropics. Later on, the emcee invited Mr. Nils Larsson, Professor Kazuo Iwamura, Dr. Greg Foliente, ABRI Director General Ho Ming-chin, and CPA representative Hsiao Hui-chuan to deliver their addresses. All guests wished the SB07 Taipei was a big success and that they could exchange more on the SB at the conference. After the emcee explained the agenda of the conference, the keynote speech of the Plenary Session I began.
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