Archilife Investingating Mission for SB05Tokyo (7)
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Resized Image  Everybody dressed up and attended the formal banquet arranged by the organizers at New Takanawa Prince Hotel at 7:30 pm after the one-day session. Guests coming to Japan for the SB05Tokyo finally unarmed themselves and put on their finest clothes for the banquet. The dinner ended in a big success after the delicious foods and sensational claps.

Resized Image  在所有的與會人士酒足飯飽之餘,祐生團隊並沒有忘記身上的任務。在晚宴結束後,考察團員回到飯店大廳,召開各分組會議的心得、成果報告,最後則由黃秘書長主持心得發表暨彙整會議,由各任務分組推派代表說明,為此次參與國際會議彙整第一手的資料。
  Though everyone ate and drank well at the dinner, Archilife members never forgot their mission. They all returned to the New Takanawa Prince Hotel for the opinion and accomplishment reports. Lastly, Secretary General Huang Chin-ying hosted the accomplishment presentation and aggregation meeting to integrate the first-hand opinions and accomplishments of this international conference presented by representatives of each team.

  9月29 日上午,陳念祖先生在Unit 6進行投稿論文的演說報告,其餘考察團員依舊按所分配的任務組別,分頭參與各分組會議並收集發表論文之內容。而黃晉英秘書長則召集李彥頤先生、李君如小姐、李傳楷小姐及陳秋玉小姐繼續投入編製回國後中正機場的簡報內容。下午全員參加第三全會,聆聽由日本知名建築師安藤忠雄(Tadao Ando)演說之「地球正在哭泣("The Earth is Crying")」,內容為以往因經濟發展建設及人們漠視之下,森林被砍伐、垃圾隨地倒、山川大地被任意破壞,而這種任意破壞的後果也將由我們自己承受。其實只要有效的植栽及一些措施,即可慢慢改善環境。此外環保及愛護樹木應由兒童教育做起,經其及相關團體的努力下,日本開始有了相關作為,安藤忠雄也列舉了許多實際操作案例,來證實其論點。
  Mr. Chen Nien-tsu presented his paper at Unit 6 in the morning of September 29, and other members of the delegation went to different unit meetings and collect papers presented there according to the duty assignment as usual. Secretary General Huang Chin-ying gathered Mr. Li Yen-yi, Miss Li Chun-ju, Miss Lee Chuan-kai, and Miss Chen Chiu-yu to start preparing materials for the briefing at the CKS International Airport when we arrived in Taiwan. All members participated in the Third Plenary Session in the afternoon to listen to the speech "The Earth is Crying" delivered by Mr. Tadao Ando, a celebrated Japanese architect. According to the Ando, for economic development and construction, we cut down trees in the forests, dump garbage everywhere, and damage rivers and soil at will. Now, we were suffering the consequences. In fact, improvement could be made through plantation planning and some other actions. Furthermore, the education of environmental protection and love for trees could be started from children. With the efforts of relevant groups, results have been seen in Japan. Tadao Ando also gave many practical examples to support his points.
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