Archilife Living Special Team Conferences
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  In light of the accelerated mutation of humans and other organisms due to environmental pressure, it is imperative that the symbiosis cycle be implemented in the community. At the Living Special Team conferences in 2022, the Archilife Living Special Team discussed issues related to the living pattern of the symbiotic community to ensure the long-term survival of humans. The Living Special Team is under the supervision of Professor Su Ching-hua; Ms. Cheng Wei-ning serves as team leader; team members include Ms. Tang Shu-chen, Mr. Chung Cheng-hsin, Mr. Tsai Kun-hsien, Mr. Luo Yang-ching, Mr. Gao Chuan-chi, Mr. Day Yeong-tyi, Mr. Lin De-en, Mr. Wang Wen-an, Mr. Liu Ding-chyu, and Mr. Chen Tai-an, among others. Each stage’s research outcomes are described as follows:

Resized Image  111年1月7日起至6月24日止,召開111年上半年特組會議。依據氣候異變與COVID-19疫情演變趨勢,從共生環境、健康生活、數位營生、共生商機、共生教育、社會轉化等面向,研擬共生社區居住型態建構策略和行動方案並以祐生潛盾計畫中心範圍,完成共生社區居住型態原型建構,後續若遭遇其他課題,將針對該項課題滾動修正共生社區居住型態原型,以作為台灣推行共生社區的典範。
  From January 7, 2022 to June 24, 2022, the Living Special Team Conferences were held for the first half of 2022. Based on climate change and the evolutionary trend of the COVID-19 pandemic, from symbiotic environment, healthy living, digital creation, symbiotic business opportunities, symbiotic education, and social transformation, a construction strategy and action plan for the symbiotic community’s living pattern were developed. In addition, the prototype for symbiotic community living was constructed within the scope of the Archilife Sub-shield Center. In order to serve as a model for the implementation of symbiotic communities in Taiwan, a rolling amendment will be conducted if other issues arise in the future.

Resized Image  自111年7月1日起至12月30日止,召開111年下半年特組會議。依據共生社區居住型態原型,探討共生社區運行機制。共生社區設計營造階段,由基地選址特別委員會、設計監造特別委員會負責推動相關事務;共生社區營運管理階段,由共生環境委員會的營運功能群、植栽功能群、共生餐功能群;健康生活委員會的健康功能群、潔淨功能群、堆肥功能群,及數位營生委員會、共生商機委員會、共生教育委員會、社會轉化委員會負責推動相關事務。
  In the second half of 2022, between July 1 and December 30, the Archilife Living Special Team Conferences were held. The operating mechanism of the symbiotic community was discussed in light of the prototype of the symbiotic community’s living pattern. During the design and construction phase of the symbiotic community, the Base Location Selection Special Committee and the Design and Supervision Special Committee will be responsible for promotion-related matters. The operation function group, planting function group, and symbiotic meal function group of the Symbiotic Environment Committee; the health function group, cleaning function group, and composting function group of the Healthy Living Committee; the Digital Creation Committee, the Symbiotic Business Opportunity Committee, the Symbiotic Education Committee, and the Social Transformation Committee are responsible for promotion related matters in the management phase of symbiotic community operations.

Resized Image  生活特組已完成共生社區居住型態與運作機制之研討,黃晉英秘書長特別蒞會鼓勵,並期許生活特組針對疫後未來趨勢的新世界進行發想與研討,未來能將相關研究成果,作為祐生擘畫下一個永續新世界的重要指引。
  The Archilife Living Special Team has concluded its discussion of the symbiotic community’s living pattern and operation mechanism. The Secretary General Huang Chin-ying attended the conferences to offer encouragement. We hope that the Archilife Living Special Team will discuss the new world of future trends and generate new ideas after the pandemic. In the future, relevant research findings will play a crucial role in the design of the next sustainable new world.
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