Sponsorship of Open Culture Foundation and MOPCON 2021
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  In ARF's forecast of future trends, development of digitalization and information technology is predicted to have critical impact on the way of living in the future. Thus, ARF has begun sponsoring large-scale open source forums in Taiwan since 2011 in the hope of contributing to knowledge sharing and talent cultivation in the industry through actual participation in related events.
  Since 2017, ARF has been cooperating with the Open Culture Foundation (OCF), continuously investing in the IT industry by jointly organizing sponsorships to support COSCUP and SITCOM, which were both abruptly converted to online events due to the impact of the pandemic. The OCF is focused on three main areas of development in Taiwan, i.e. open software, open information and open government. It is hoped that the OCF will utilize the ARF's sponsored resources effectively.
  MOPCON, which had been an annual event in Kaohsiung, was also brought online. Moreover, in line with the pandemic, the theme for the conference was the "combination of mobile and AIoT", promoting the application of emerging technologies that bridge physical distance.
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