Sheet of Wormhole Bookish Assembly, June 2019
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6月 1日 白佩錦 沒學過統計,照樣精準的市場分析技術
      蔡孟傑 Artificial Intelligence Methods in the Environmental Sciences
6月 4日 邱品堯 生物學學理解碼
      林 妍 天然無毒清理術
6月 6日 潘育文 蒙田
      李承寯 劇本筆記
6月11日 曾慶豹 機械複製時代的藝術作品
      歐人豪 Serendipity: Accidental Discoveries in Science
6月13日 王政喻 鱻事一籮筐
      李峙皞 The Relief of Poverty,1834-1914
6月15日 黃川瑋 一次看懂小數據
      吳映蓁 天有可測風雲
6月18日 陳方隅 注定一戰
      羅于堯 性不性有關係
6月20日 廖釔凱 棒球物理大聯盟
      劉俊逸 新約倫理學
6月22日 吳珊瑀 不鏽鋼性能及選用
      沈哲緒 中美貿易戰:一場沒有贏家的對決
6月25日 陳雅惠 香港道教
      孫菊君 看出關鍵
6月27日 蔡沛容 達文西傳
      譚承恩 打開演算法黑箱
6月29日 巫學蒼 戰勝PM2.5!:越來越多的疾病可能與空污有關
      劉純杏 羅生門
  A total of 24 book reports were presented in this month's bookish assembly hosted by Secretary General Huang Chin-ying and commented by President Lin Chun-shin. Details are as follows:

June 1
Pai Pei-chin:Accurate Market Analysis without Statistical Knowledge
Tsai Meng-chieh:Artificial Intelligence Methods in the Environmental Sciences
June 4
Chiu Pin-yao:How and Why is It in Biology
Lin Yan:Natural & Non-toxic Cleaning
June 6
Pan Yu-wen:Montaigne
Lee Cheng-chun:Backwards and Forwards:A Technical Manual for Reading Plays
June 11
Chin Ken-pa:Art in the Age of Mechinical Reproduction
Ou Jen-hao:Serendipity Accidental Discoveries in Science
June 13
Wang Jheng-yu:Taiwan Fishes & Fishery
Lee Chih-hao:The Relief of Poverty,1834-1914
June 15
Huang Chuan-wei:Everydata:The Misinformation Hidden in the Little Data You Consume Every Day
Wu Ying-jen:Predictable Weather
June 18
Chen Fang-yu:Destined for War: Can America and China Escape Thucydides’Trap?
Lo Yu-yao:Determined by Sex
June 20
Liao Yi-kai:Major League Baseball Physics
Liu Chun-yi:The Moral Vision of the New Testament
June 22
Wu Shan-yu:Stainless Steel & its Selection
Shen Che-hsu:Sino-US Trade War: A Showdown without Any Winner
June 25
Chen Ya-hui:Taoism in Hong Kong
Sun Chu-chun:Visual Intelligence: Sharpen Your Perception, Change Your Life
June 27
Tsai Pei-jung:Leonardo Da Vinci
Tan Cheng-en:Hello World: How to Be Human in the Age of the Machine
June 29
Wu Syue-cang:Defeating PM2.5! Increasingly More Diseases Possibly Related to Air Pollution
Liu Chun-hsing:Rashomon
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