Archilife Online Exhibition 2018
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(一) 蔡坤憲 《少年PI的百萬計畫》
(二) 李讚虔 《意外與豐收的一年》
(三) 鍾明靜 《用永續設計改變社會--老屋綠改造的持續實踐與教育》
(四) 李書安 《106年教學與研究成果回顧》
(五) 陳詩柔 《我愛手作》
(六) 張培臣 《幸福家園與團隊經營年鑑》
(七) 蔡家喻 《舞蹈和科展》
(八) 周裕清 《旋轉黑洞奇航記》
(九) 林得恩 《體驗氣候異變的具體實踐》
(十) 張顥嚴 《2017心農業》
  Archilife Exhibition, with its aim of showcasing members' diverse innovations and inventions, has ignited sparks of spiritual civilization since 1998. In 2014, to achieve further digitalization, it took on an online digital format with members submitting "one-minute video clip" to showcase their realization of ARF motto "Benefit Life" in their professional field and personal work. After enduring the transformative period from submission means of this exhibition, Archlife members were still very active in taking part in it this year, with 21 works submitted. There were 10 best works selected after assessing the submitted works from the perspectives of individual, society and the nation to see their degree of correspondence with seeking survival, making a living and extending life. These selected works of Archlife Online Exhibition were played at the "Archilife Research Foundation Convention 2018" which was held on February 10, 2018. After the videos were played, Secretary General Huang Chin-ying presented exquisite gifts to the 10 best works and the other 11 works that were submitted. She expected members to have even better performances in next year's online exhibition. The following is the best-selected works of this year's online exhibition:
(1)Tsai Kun-hsien    Million Project of PI
(2)Lee Tzan-chain    A Year of Accident and Harvest
(3)Jhong Ming-jing   Changing Society with Sustainable Design: The Consistent Implementation and Education of Old House Green Reformation
(4)Li Shu-an      Teaching and Research Progress Review of 2017
(5)Chen Shih-jou    I Love Handcrafts
(6)Chang Pei-chen    Almanac on Happy Family and Team Management
(7)Tsai Chia-yu     Dancing and Science Fair
(8)Chou Yu-ching     Voyage of the Twirling Black Hole
(9)Lin De-en     Specific Practices in Experiencing Climate Change
(10)Chang Hao-yen    2017 Farming with Heart
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