Sponsorship of Open Culture Foundation and MOPCON 2017
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贊助開放文化基金會暨MOPCON 2017論壇案

  In the ARF's forecast of future trends, the development of information technology and digitalization is expected to have significant impact on the future way of living. Sponsoring large-sized open source forums in Taiwan since 2011, the ARF hopes to contribute to knowledge sharing and talent nurturing in this field through its participation in the related events.

  過去數個年度中,本會贊助的指標性開源活動包括COSCUP開源人年會、OSDC.tw 與SITCON學生計算機年會等,之後也開始贊助g0v summit零時政府峰會,讓開源技術之價值擴展到更多層面。今年起轉由透過與開放文化基金會合作,該會專注於在台灣推廣開放原始碼軟體、開放資料、開放政府三個主要領域的發展,期能對本會之贊助資源做更有效的利用。
  In the last few years, the ARF has sponsored major open source events such as COSCUP, OSDC.tw and SITCON. To allow the value of open source technology to reach more levels, the ARF has also started sponsoring the g0v Summit. This year, the ARF began collaborating with the Open Culture Foundation, which is focused on promoting open source software, open information and open government in Taiwan, in the hope that resources sponsored by the ARF can be utilized more effectively.

  The ARF is also continuing its sponsorship to further development in southern Taiwan. MOPCON, which is held annually in Kaohsiung, balances the inequality of IT development between northern and southern Taiwan, and encourages the application and development of mobile technology in various aspects of everyday living.
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