Sketch of Public Policy Communion, April 2015
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  The April Archilife Public Policy Communion of 2015 was held on April 19, 2015. After a series of relaxing and fun activities, Secretary General Huang Chin-ying made the following announcement, "Under the influence of a violent climate, the area of desertification continues to expand and begins to encroach upon human living spaces. Continuous population growth will bring more and more disasters. In response to the crisis, Archilife established a series of special teams to study the issues and changes in the human living environment. We are in a transition time between the post-war baby boomers and the generation of rich children. I hopes that the older generation here today will pass down their experiences to the new generation and work together to build the future. In the harsh environment we are currently facing, we should pay attention to the security of life's basics, including food, clothing, shelter and transportation."

  Next on the schedule was the keynote speech. First, Mr. Lin De-en, a member of the Public Policy Committee, presented a speech on the "Big Drought-Taiwan under Climate Change". The speaker began from an analysis of the rainfall trend. The statistics showed a decline year over year. From the perspectives of reservoir silt, human wastage, geological characteristics of Taiwan and meteorological features, since last year, fewer typhoons, less atmospheric disturbances, rainfall outside of the catchment areas and uneven rainfall time have worked together to cause the drought. The drought has affected farming. A prolonged drought will dry up the soil and weaken its water-bearing capacity. In such condition, Taiwan will be at risk of a major disaster when a typhoon or rainstorm hits. The speaker reminded everyone in the meeting that the world is facing a "water" crisis, so for the survival of the next generation, we should treasure every drop of water.

  Next, Mr. Wang Min-chou, a member of the Public Policy Committee, spoke on "Cultural and Creative Travel". The speaker began his presentation from a community development project he is involved in to illustrate new ideas for "cultural and creative travel". The speaker introduced the case of the Pingtung Wanjin Community, where the local community works with artists in a mutually beneficial approach to develop a community of color painting art. Following this, the Speaker shared his experience from a visit to Japan's Fujisawa City. He observed that the local houses are installed with solar panels, which provides the residents with not only enough power for emergency situations, but also extra income by selling the electricity back to the power company. The speaker continued on the subject on the return of the young population. He mentioned that the young population not only brings new ideas to the local community, but also creates a new culture. Finally, the speaker talked about how to use the effect of traveling in small areas to create a living environment that is preferred for both living and traveling.

  After the speech, Secretary General Huang Chin-ying presented a gift to the speakers on behalf of the foundation. Then, attendees expressed and exchanged their opinions and views during the piggy hour. The April Archilife Public Policy Communion ended smoothly.
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