Sponsorship of Taiwan student IT and gaming communities in 2016
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Resized Image  在本會探究未來的趨勢預測中,資訊科技與數位化的發展對未來生活模式將有舉足輕重的影響,因此對於此領域之相關知識分享與未來人才培育亦是相當重要的課題。
  According to the ARF's forecasting, development of information technology and digitalization has a critical impact on the future way of living. Thus, the sharing knowledge and the nurturing of future talents in the related fields are the important issues.
  學生計算機年會(Students' Information Technology Conference, SITCON)於2013年由學生自主發起,成員主體是在學學生。每年二、三月固定舉辦,另有夏令營、定期聚會等活動。本會今年度贊助了於2月27日舉行的SITCON 2016,期許學生秉持開源精神,在資訊領域落實其「學以致用,教學相長」的初衷,鼓勵參與者在資安、開源知識、科技應用等多元的議題有所創新實作。在資訊領域的特定應用方面,2016年新成立的「學生遊戲夢(Students Game Dream)」遊戲開發者社群,於7月23日在龍華科技大學舉辦以學生為經驗交流主體的「2016 Student Game Elite Conference學生遊戲菁英群雄會」,本會今年度亦予以贊助,期勉資訊人才在學生階段就能提高實務能力,並在未來能有更多機會發揮所長。
  Students' Information Technology Conference is initiated by students in 2013 and mainly comprises current students. It's held in February or March each year, including summer camps and regular gatherings. This year, the ARF sponsored SITCON 2016 held on February 27. It's hoped that students will keep the spirit of open source, and apply what they have learned and benefit from one another, and participants can submit innovative works in diverse topics, including information security, open source knowledge and technological applications. In terms of specific applications in the IT field, the Students Game Dream established in 2016 organized "2016 Student Game Elite Conference" at Lunghwa University of Science and Technology on July 23 for the purpose of allowing students to share their experiences. The ARF sponsored the event in the hope that IT talents are able to boost their hands-on ability even while they are still students, so that they may have more opportunities to fulfill their potential.
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