Archilife Living Special Team Conferences
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  The Archilife Living Special Team’s current purpose is to envision and explore the tendencies of evolving climatic variability and the post-pandemic new world over the next two to three years. It is believed that relevant research findings will serve as vital guides for Archilife as it envisions the future sustainable new world. In order to fulfill the aforementioned aim, the Archilife Living Special Team continued to hold meetings in 2023 to engage in discussions. The Living Special Team is under the supervision of Professor Su Ching-hua; Ms. Cheng Wei-ning serves as team leader; team members include Ms. Tang Shu-chen, Mr. Chung Cheng-hsin, Mr. Tsai Kun-hsien, Mr. Luo Yang-ching, Mr. Gao Chuan-chi, Mr. Day Yeong-tyi, Mr. Lin De-en, Mr. Wang Wen-an, Mr. Liu Ding-chyu, and Mr. Chen Tai-an, among others. Each stage’s research outcomes are described as follows:

Resized Image  自112年1月6日起至6月30日止召開112年上半年特組會議,此階段研究方向為從共生與數位轉型為智慧化生活。經分析氣候、生態、政治、經濟、社會等環境變異趨勢;研討AI、能源、生物、農業、航太等科技發展趨勢後提出發展再生能源、強化風險管理、推動循環經濟、加強社會安全、參與國際合作、研發智慧、生物、健康科技、促動智慧轉型等從共生與數位轉型為智慧化生活的具體方案。
  The Archilife Living Special Team Conference was conducted in the first half of 2023, between January 6 and June 30, 2023. At this point, the research agenda had shifted from digital transformation and symbiosis to smart living. After analyzing the trends of environmental variances, including climate, ecology, politics, economics, and society, as well as discussing the technological developmental trends of AI, energy, biology, agriculture, and aerospace, specific plans for symbiosis and digital transformation into smart living were proposed: renewable energy development, strengthening of risk management, promotion of circular economy, strengthening of social security, participation in international collaboration, smart, biotechnology, and health technology R&D, promotion of smart transformation, etc.

Resized Image  自112年7月7日起至12月29日止召開112年下半年特組會議,此階段研究方向為AI科技發展趨勢、衝擊因應與生活應用。經分析AI的技術發展、跨越結合、應用範圍等發展趨勢;探討AI的以人為本、永續發展、多元包容等倫理價值與共榮共利、公平性與非歧視性、自主權與控制權、安全性、個人隱私與數據治理、透明性與可追溯性、可解釋性、問責與溝通等發展準則後,提出AI可應用於醫療、建築、能源、農業、教育等領域的具體生活方案。
  The Archilife Living Special Team Conference was conducted in the second half of 2023, between July 7 and December 29, 2023. At this point, the research paths were focused on responses to impacts and life applications in AI technology development. After analyzing AI’s technological advancements, cross-domain integration, application scope, and other development trends, AI’s people-centered, sustainable development, inclusivity for diversity, and other ethical values, as well as co-glory and co-benefit, fairness, non-discrimination, autonomy and control, security, privacy, data governance, transparency, traceability, explainability, accountability, communication, and other development standards, were discussed. Specific life plans for medical care, architecture, energy, agriculture, education, and other disciplines were then offered.

Resized Image  展望未來,生活特組將持續根據氣候異變演變趨勢與疫後新世界的生存挑戰,積極研擬求生存、謀生計、延生命的生活方案,進而作為人類營造永續新世界最堅實穩固的基石。
  Looking ahead, in order to lay the most solid and stable foundation for humanity’s ability to create a sustainable new world, the Archilife Living Special Team will actively continue to develop life plans to survive, seek livelihood, and extend life in response to the trend of evolving climate change and the survival obstacles in the new post-epidemic world.
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