Sheet of Wormhole Bookish Assembly, February 2022
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2月 8日 陳香君 高藥師健康解答,一定要對的觀念!
      李峙皞 Land and Labour in China
2月10日 游秀雲 圖解紅樓夢
      姚維正 學術研究三部曲:小論文及科展完全指南
2月12日 白佩錦 沒有Email的世界
      吳映蓁 帝國、氣象、科學家
2月15日 蔡沛容 圖說臺灣美術史III:深耕戀曲
      林翊婷 地方創生
2月17日 丘懿琳 穿著決定你的氣場
      陳時英 靈芝:大自然的靈草
2月19日 李泓穎 中學班級經營:教師手冊
      陳雅雯 女子山海
2月22日 房佑璟 台灣法律人第6期
      吳珊瑀 謝玠揚的長化短說2
2月24日 張培臣 被扭曲的臺灣史
      楊念慈 大灣大員福爾摩沙

  A total of 16 book reports were presented in this month's bookish assembly hosted by Ms. Lin Ying-chen. Details are as follows:

February 8
Chen Hsiang-chun:Getting Your Health Concept Right with Pharmacist Gao!
Lee Chih-hao:Land and Labour in China
February 10
Yu Hsiu-yun:An Illustrated Guide to Dream of the Red Chamber
Yao Wei-cheng:The Trilogy of Academic Research
February 12
Pai Pei-chin:A World without Email: Reimagining Work in an Age of Communication Overload
Wu Ying-jen:Climate in Motion: Science, Empire, and the Problem of Scale
February 15
Tsai Pei-jung:An Illustrated History of Taiwan Art III
Lin Yi-ting:Regional Revitalization: 28 Survival Tips for Tourism, Specialty Products & Regional Brands
February 17
Chiu Yi-lin:Your Outfit Determines Your Aura
Chen Shih-ying:Lingzhi: Great Nature’s Healing Herb
February 19
Li Hung-ying:Classroom Management for Secondary Teachers
Chen Ya-wen:Women, Mountains, Oceans
February 22
Fang You-ching:Formosan Jurist Vol.6
Wu Shan-yu:Chemistry in Short 2: Living Smart & Safe with Professor Hsieh Chieh-yang
February 24
Chang Pei-chen:A Twisted History of Taiwan: Lifting the Fog over Three Hundred Years of History 1684~1972
Yang Nien-tzu:Taioan/Tayouan/Formosa
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