Sponsorship of COSCUP 2016
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2016 開源人年會(COSCUP)贊助案

Resized Image  COSCUP的前身為國際開放原始碼研討會(ICOS)的一軌社群議程,2006年應與會者需求,改為以開源社群為主體的「開源人年會」,至今已成為一年一度全台最大的開源研討會。2016開源人年會於今年8月20日至21日,在中央研究院的活動中心及人文社會科學館舉辦,本屆主題為「融通:傳承、扎根與跨界」,注重想法的成形、不同領域的結合、延續資源的分享。議程主題相當多元,更包含商業、教育、法律等延伸開源議題。今年除了扎實的專業議程,也有適合全家大小的親子工作坊,讓參與者能親自實作學習、直接應用,且有BoF(同樂會)等更易激盪出火花的分享活動形式。
  COSCUP (Conference for Open Source Coders, Users and Promoters) originated with a community agenda of ICOS (International Conference on Open Source) was formed in 2006 to serve mainly the open source community in response to the requirements of ICOS participants. Today, COSCUP has become the largest annual open source conference in Taiwan. COSCUP 2016 was held on August 20 and 21 at the Academia Sinica's Activity Center/ Humanities and Social Sciences Building. This year's theme was "Intermediation: Continuing Legacy, Taking Root, Crossover", focusing on conceptualization, crossover collaboration and continuing resource sharing. The agenda covered a diverse array of topics, including issues related to open source knowledge in business, education and law. Besides the professional agenda, there were family-oriented workshops, allowing participants to engage in hands-on learning and directly apply what they learn. Sharing activities, such as BoF party, also help to inspire ideas and foster cooperation.
  Openness and sharing are enduring concepts in human society but their application in the IT world has never been easy. Taiwan is fortunate to have a very active open source community. Since 2011, the ARF has begun paying attention to large open-source related conferences and has even sponsored the COSCUP this year. It is hoped that Taiwan's IT field will effect real change in the operating efficiency of the society, increasing Taiwan's international presence and allowing talents room to develop.
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