Participation in BitSummit 2016
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BitSummit 2016活動參訪

Resized Image  獨立遊戲日漸成長,日本的遊戲開發人越發重視這個領域,遂由四家公司聯合成立日本獨立遊戲協會,試圖將日本國內優質的獨立遊戲集結,舉辦BitSummit活動,現為日本最大的獨立遊戲展覽,故本會自 2014 年起派員參訪,並將研習心得和相關資訊與國內獨立遊戲開發者分享。
  The emergence of independent games has caused game developers in Japan paying increasingly more attention to them. Four companies have formed the Japan Independent Games Aggregate (JIGA) to bring together quality independent games in Japan by hosting the BitSummit, which is currently the largest independent game show in Japan. ARF delegates have participated in the BitSummit since 2014, and shared what they have learned with independent game developers in Taiwan.
Resized Image  第四屆BitSummit於2016年7月9日~10日在京都勸業館舉辦。一般而言,獨立遊戲的開發者必須自行負擔開發遊戲的花費,BitSummit給予獨立開發者夠發揮的舞台,並致力成為開發者與發行媒體的橋梁。本屆BitSummit也與Indie MEGABOOTH合作,讓這次展覽多了傑出海外獨立遊戲的展出,另有多款遊戲運用到VR、非典型操控等技術。BitSummit參展的日本團隊,流露出一種基於長年產業根基的成熟風格,期待假以時日,台灣的遊戲團隊與產業在未來亦能與之並駕齊驅,各有擅長。
  The fourth BitSummit was held at the Miyako Messe in Kyoto from July 9~10, 2016. In general, independent game developers have to bear the costs of game development themselves. BitSummit provides independent developers a place to showcase their games; it also strives to become the bridge between developers and media. This year's BitSummit collaborating with Indie Megabooth led to the exhibition of many more exceptional independent games from overseas. Furthermore, there were many games using VR and unconventional control devices. The maturity of the gaming style displayed by participating Japanese teams reveals the deep foundation of the Japanese gaming industry. It is hoped that, in the future, Taiwan's gaming teams and industry will equal their Japanese counterparts' achievement and develop a unique style that stands out from the competition.
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