Participation in iiSBE Annual Board of Directors Meeting
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  To ensure the ARF's continued internationalization and keep track of developments in the domain of sustainable building worldwide, Secretary-General Huang Chin-ying, who is also the advisor for the Taiwan Society of Sustainable Built Environment (TSSBE), has been a board director at iiSBE for years.On September 24, 2015, the ARF donated NT$100,000 in support of the TSSBE's development. This year also happens to be the iiSBE's director reelection, and Secretary-General Huang Chin-ying is determined to strive for reelection as a board director in order to continue promoting the ARF's philosophy to the world.
  Due to climate change, there has been a rapid increase in uncertainties affecting the external environment. For this reason, this year's iiSBE board of directors meeting had provided Skype as a means of communication for those who could not be physically present at the meeting. The meeting was held on both 4pm and 11pm on November 30, 2015, in the wormhole conference room. The ARF's Secretary-General Huang Chin-ying, and the TSSBE's chairman Mr. Su Ching-hua and its director Mr. Lin De-en, participated in the meeting via Skype. After the initial greetings by Secretary-General Huang Chin-ying, the head of the board invited TSSBE chairman Mr. Su Ching-hua to report on the overall situation and result of promoting sustainable built environment by Taiwan members. Finally, Secretary-General Huang Chin-ying was successfully reelected as director, providing a perfect end to the meeting.
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