Sponsor of Forum on 「Kaosiung House」 Sustainable GB
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Resized Image  為持續宣導祐生首創之永續建築公式GB+Symbiosis=SB與共生化理念,並向全世界分享台灣推動永續建築之成果,祐生特別贊助社團法人台灣永續建築環境促進會NT$200,000,專款協辦由高雄市政府工務局主辦之2014「高雄厝」永續綠建築國際論壇暨高雄厝綠建築大獎頒獎典禮活動。
In order to promote Archilife's first SB formula GB+Symbiosis=SB and Symbiosis, and to share Taiwan's achievements in promoting SB with the world, Archilife especially sponsored NT$200,000 for TSSBE (Taiwan Society of Sustainable Built Environment). The special fund will be used to co-organize the 2014 "Kaohsiung House" Sustainable Green Building International Forum and Kaohsiung House Architecture Award Ceremony.

  2014年6月17日,台灣永續建築環境促進會蘇慶華理事長特別南下高雄接待iiSBE執行長Nils Larsson先生及荷蘭Zuyd應用科技大學Ronald Rovers教授並參加2014「高雄厝」永續綠建築國際論壇暨高雄厝綠建築大獎頒獎典禮,與其他佳賓分享祐生近年來在共生化的研究成果。典禮中,蘇理事長亦獲邀擔任氣候變遷壓力下之設計策略演講之引言人。
On June 17, 2014, President of TSSBE Su Ching-hua especially visited Kaohsiung to welcome the CEO of iiSBE Nils Larsson and Professor Ronald Rovers from the Zuyd University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands to attend the event, where they shared Archilife's recent research accomplishments in the field of symbiosis with the guests. President Su was also appointed as the moderator for the 4th speech session on the design strategies applicable under climate change.

  2014年6月18日,周伯丞先生與張桂鳳小姐更陪同Ronald Rovers教授以及Nils Larsson先生參與高雄厝綠建築得獎作品導覽活動,親自體驗高雄綠建築的設計手法,並協助輔導高雄市政府推動之高雄厝永續綠建築計畫,進而發掘「高雄綠色因子」,藉此打造高雄特色建築,喚起對於高雄風土及人文的關注,及如何因應全球環境變遷、產業轉型導入、災害防制共存、文化自明的建築環境營造。
On June 18, 2014, Mr. Chou and Ms. Chang accompanied Prof. Ronald Rovers and Mr. Nils Larsson to visit Kaohsiung House GB award winning designs. It is hoped to experience the design technique of GB. Furthermore, the aim is also to assist the Kaohsiung City Government to promote the Kaohsiung House Sustainable GB project, thereby discovering the green factor. In doing so, the project will evoke people's awareness for Kaohsiung's customs and culture, as well as create an architectural environment that responds to changes in the global environment, introduces industry transformation, presents disasters and civilization.
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