Under the conviction and declaration of Archilife Research Foundation, in order to solve environmental issues faced by the mankind and reduce the conflict caused by the mankind fighting for limited environmental resources for survive, it is necessary to rely on the upgrading efficiency of resources use so that this goal could be achieved. Therefore, we have presented this conceptual blueprint of "symbiosis" and defined a new model of civilization. We have imagined how to apply knowledge and techniques in a symbiotic cycle in a future with scarce material resources and how to achieve sustainable development in an environment of living in scattered places. We have thought about a linkage by the Internet through digitalized technology so as to elevate the spiritual aspect of human activities.
  In the future, a group of people will live in a green paradise with an integration of symbiosis and digitalization. This may sound like a fiction, as all characters and events described may be completely fabricated. Even when there are instances of true incidents currently existing or coming to pass, these instances are only coincidences.

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