Cleaning is a transformational process in the symbiotic recycling system whereby both the environment and the body are cleansed. The purpose of this process is to establish and create an operative and controllable healthy environment. In the cleaning process, waste materials and liquids are filtered before they enter the recycling system so as to form a closed symbiotic recycling system.

  At Symbiosphere 1 Center, the cleaning process involves operating low-flow toilets and cleaning public areas. The urine and feces that the inhabitants at Symbiosphere 1 Center excrete into low-flow toilets are collected in the central processor, which is utilized by the compost system. On the other hand, the inhabitants make it a routine to roughly sweep the living environment. Unlike the spick-and-span sanitizing process adopted in the urban household, so-called "rough sweep" refers to an easy-and-simple way of cleaning under the condition that symbiotically beneficial bacteria are evenly distributed. In the rough sweep, the media drifting away from vertial planting systems, withered twigs, and fallen leaves are collected and then used as fertilizers of plants at Symbiosphere 1 Center by means of natural compost.

  On the whole, the cleaning system plays a vital role in accelerating the transformation of the output of both the inhabitants and the symbiotic environment into something that is desirable in the symbiotic cycle. The system also shortens the process that materials need to undergo in order to be utilizable again, thus increasing the efficiency of symbiotic recycling.
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