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Wormhole Bookish Assembly  Since July 12, 1999, hosted by Secretary General Huang Chun-ying, Wormhole Bookish Assembly, inviting knowledge keepers and scholars as speakers, is held 80 mins three times a week. After participants' discussion, President Lin Chun-shin to conduct overall critiques. Members of Archilife are not only able to listen to real-time report but also can they view the video files through streaming system. On Sep. 10, 2019, the wormhole bookish assembly was officially upgraded to version 2.0. During the commentary session, participants will share their thoughts on respective report contents or book topics for 1.5 minutes. The sessions are designed to give each participant the opportunity to obtain an in-depth understanding of other people’s perspectives. Over time, it will enable the effective prediction of the trends of collective intelligence, and allow for advanced planning and preparation. Followings are the sheets of Wormhole Bookish Assembly during recent years.
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