BEYOND 2020 Video Conference
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BEYOND 2020視訊會議

  本會長期贊助台灣永續建築環境促進會,參與促進台灣永續建築及共生環境相關學術與實務之國際交流。原訂2020年6月中旬於瑞典舉辦的BEYOND 2020會議,因受新冠肺炎影響而延期,經主辦單位重新規劃,於2020年11月2日至4日舉辦線上國際會議。為使祐生成員亦能參與本次會議,取得國際永續最新資訊,經台灣永續建築環境促進會李彥頤秘書長向主辦單位爭取闢設視訊點後,本會黃晉英秘書長積極協助,提供視訊會議場地、設備、費用等,使得本次視訊參與BEYOND 2020會議,得以順利舉辦完成。茲將會議要點及參與成果,說明如下:
  The Archilife Research Foundation(ARF)has long sponsored the Taiwan Society of Sustainable Built Environment(TSSBE)and has participated in Taiwan’s sustainable building promotion and symbiotic environment-related academic and practical international exchanges. The BEYOND 2020 Conference held in Sweden in mid-June 2020 was postponed due to COVID-19. Through the sponsor’s replanning, online international conference was held from November 2~4, 2020. In order to ensure Archilife members also participated in conference and obtained the latest information on international sustainability, ARF Secretary General Huang Chin-ying actively provided assistance in the provision of the video conference venue, equipment, costs, etc, after TSSBE Secretary General Li Yen-yi pushed for the video location from the organizer. The participation in the BEYOND 2020 video conference came to a successful close. The key points at the conference and participation results are explained below:

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  The video conference on November 2, 2020 was hosted by Secretary General Huang Chin-ying. The participating members included: Mr. Wang Wen-an, Mr. Li Yen-yi, Mr. Lin De-en, Ms. Lin Yu-ju, Ms. Lin Yi-hsuan, Ms. Tang Shu-chen, Mr. Liu Ding-chyu, Mr. Chen Tai-an, Mr. Hsiao Jui-lin, Mr. Tung Ssu-wei, and Mr. Lee Chuang-yuan who jointly attended the conference.

Resized Image  本日參與會議場次,主要研討內容包括減緩與調適氣候變遷的城市環境營造策略,並以中國廣州颱風風險評估、巴西若昂蒙萊瓦迪生態足跡檢視為例;聯合國永續發展目標中,永續城鎮的具體實踐;城市水資源管理策略與規劃,李彥頤先生並以台南市太康國小抗水基礎設施為例,發表專題報告,和國際友人分享台灣重要的研究成果。
  The main contents discussed at the conference on the day included: urban environment building strategies for mitigation and adaptation to climate change, a typhoon risk assessment of typhoons in Guangzhou, China and a review of the ecological footprint of Joao Monlevade, Brazil as examples. Also, there were the UN’s sustainable development goals (SDGs), the concrete implementations of sustainable towns, as well as urban water resource management strategies and planning. Mr. Li Yen-yi used the water-resistant infrastructure of Tai-kang Elementary School, Tainan City as an example to present a keynote report and share Taiwan’s research results with international friends.

Resized Image  本日視訊會議告一段落後,黃晉英秘書長提示與會人員,面對氣候異變加劇,除新冠肺炎外,各種新興疫病亦不斷威脅人類社會。因此以視訊方式召開會議,將成為未來國際會議主要型態。這樣的發展趨勢和本會不斷強調未來人類必將走向共生文明相契合,所以特別邀請各位參與會議,共同體驗共生文明的未來。
  Towards the end of today’s video conference, Secretary General Huang Chin-ying pointed out to the participants that in the face of intensifying climate change, other than COVID-19, human society is also under the constant threat of various emerging diseases. Therefore, conferences convened through video conferencing will become the main form of international conferences in the future. This development trend coincides with the ARF’s constant emphasis for mankind moving towards the symbiotic civilization. You are specially invited to take part in the meeting and jointly experience the future of symbiotic civilization.

Resized Image  黃晉英秘書長並表示,本會多次藉由國際會議的參與闡述共生文明的意涵與願景,期待各位能從共生文明的角度,審視相關研討議題與報告內容,確認國際社會重要觀點是否已朝向共生文明。會議結束前,黃晉英秘書長特別邀請與會成員合影留念,順利完成本日會議。 
  Secretary General Huang Chin-ying said that the ARF has repeatedly elaborated on the implication and vision of symbiotic civilization through international conference participation, hoping everyone will review related seminar discussions and report contents through the perspective of symbiotic civilization, as well as whether the important perspectives of international societies are heading towards symbiotic civilization. Before the meeting ended, Secretary General Huang Chin-ying specially invited the participating members to take group photographs for remembrance, which marked the successful completion of the meeting on the day.
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